What does it take to become an international DJ/Producer? A laptop and a passport? Oh my god, I just can’t… Ryan Kenney knows what it really takes.

While Kenney’s love for music was undeniable at a young age, it’s the years living through song, soundtracking his experiences and taking notes that led him into music school. Flash forward, Kenney found early success as a DJ performing at high profile events held by Elton John and Lance Bass, as well as appearances at Coachella, Gucci’s GRAMMY Party, and..well, you get where I’m going. Shoot, Huffington Post even chimed in adding him to their, “The Hollywood Soundtrack: Five Acts to Check Out” which described his music mixes as, “an interesting and refreshing spin on what it means to get down… feels like an endless beach party with all your best friends.”

Kenney’s years behind the scenes working quietly exploring his sound is now our new indulgence. And through capturing his big room style, he also found his voice as a producer. We’re excited to share with you his debut remix of OneRepublic’s “If I Lose Myself” that showcases a certain level of excellence made possible by everything I rambled off above. Bonus: It’s free to take with you.

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