I know. You’ve, like me, wondered what Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” would sound like remixed in every EDM genre imaginable.

Drum n bass? I envision lots of choppy vocals and an Evol Intent-esque amen break (or three).

House? Pump. Up. The. Vocals… and make sure there are lots of reverberated synths and a driving beat to keep your two on the floor moving in time to the four four.

Moombahton? More like moombahsoul. Atlantic Connection kept the vocals pretty similar to the original, retained the flavor of both the caribbean drums and synths, but added a touch of the moombahton “get your body on the dance floor NOW” vibe to give the track a bit of depth and keep your head nodding (and feet moving) throughout the entire remix – even if it’s the fourth time in a row you’re listening to it (jtrust me on this one).

Listen below – download (thanks, Mr. AC!) for your own listening pleasure, and share with your friends at your next house party. We suggest the 2am hour.