Coming from Atlas, the Pleiades, Joor Nitth is a DJ from outer space; his passions range from sound design to music production and sound engineering.

On the alternate reality where he comes from, music is purely made for passion and distributed freely, as also occurs with all forms of art and culture. No artificial distribution restraints, parasitic privileges handed from father to son or “assembly-line music” are known to man, over there.

Keeping in mind that this world is not a wonderland, Joor’s aim is to spread his love for music through his productions and freebies in the bizarre world of humans, and make many friends with whom collaborate and toss off new, exciting stuff.

His latest offering, “Feels Like Underwater” falls under the Future Garage genre and features the lovely vocals of Calendargirl, who gives Disney’s Ariel a run for not only her money, but territory. Grab the download, below.