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I believe it was around my sophomore year of college, when I first stumbled on Pinback and their gorgeous, sweeping┬ápiece “Penelope“. Listening to it as I write, it’s weird how those tracks from our past bring back all those strange feelings. Not exatly endorphins, but just emotional tingling of feeling younger: physically, mentally, musically, emotionally. And how all those thoughts of “if I only knew” take over as you listen to each verse, not wanting it to stop, but knowing it end like every emotion, every relationship. Like everything.

It hasn’t been since that phase of life that I really emersed myself in the sounds of Pinback, but thankfully, our friends over at The Burning Ear (who are certainly one of my top 5 voices online), published “Proceed To Memory”. As I a/b, old to new music, I cannot help but a/b myself, this/that song ironically reflect me then and me now. I won’t get to crazy emotional on all this. But this new Pinback is certainly a more mature sound, with a hint of that “new”. This Pinback is working to keep that raw talent of the past, while incorporating new skills, new interests, and most likely new personalities (as I am sure we all are).

I love this song. I heard it for the first time last night, and I’m close to overplaying it (which is saying something for my listening habits). If you’ve never heard of Pinback. Congratulations, add them to your list. Other great Pinback tracks: Sender & Loro.

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