We are rather enamored with Fallulah and completely beguiled by her powerful voice. Her brand of avant-pop, deeply influenced by her Romanian heritage and experience in gypsy dance, stands out in the sea of pop music flooding the airwaves and interwebs. Fallulah possesses an intensity that is lurking just below the surface that comes through in the driving guitar riffs, ominously dark synths, and explosive raw energy. Fallulah is a powerful addition to pop music and her debut LP, The Black Cat Neighbourhood set to hit US shores on August 21! (We imported it, cause it’s that good and we are impatient)

Fallulah has a new song for everyone in the lead up to her debut’s US release, ‘He’ll Break Up With You When Summer Comes’ continues her avant assault on pop and shows us a little more of her brazen spunk and determination to conquer the musical world. Listen to a special live recording of the track below or the full studio version after the video. The track is part stunning western infused retro rock, part explosive left-field pop, all Fallulah.

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