A lot of people hate on Grease 2. Maybe it has a 24% on Rotten Tomatoes compared to it’s predecessor’s 82%. Maybe the songs were a little less catchy. But, let’s be honest. Michelle Pfeiffer singing Cool Rider was dope. Adults pretending to be teens and singing about reproduction is hilarious. Plus, they had to make motorcycles look as cool as Grease Lightning. ‘Twas a valiant effort and nowadays the sequel presents plenty more giggles than the original. Our friends in TalkFine must have been fans of the cool rider. That or they’ve been watching lots of Sons of Anarchy. Who knows! Regardless, their latest track is a musical theater-esque tribute to the motor bike. If the montages from Top Gun and The Chase had a baby and put it on a motorcycle this song would be playing in the background. Kick Kick Snare is proud to debut “It’s About the Bike” from TalkFine for your listening pleasure! The bands’s full album, Lesser Known Hits, is available for download, in it’s entirety, here!