Oreo Jones X DMA: The John Wayne

First off, thanks to my KickKickSnare crew for holding down the posts this past week. Since SXSW I’ve been running myself around Chicago, tieing up loose ends/etc. During this past week of hecticity (and if that’s not a word, it damn well should be), if you saw me on the L bumpin’, my headphones, there is a pretty good chance that I was listening to this track right here. I first heard “The John Wayne” earlier this month, when I stumbled on to the video (below) and since the track did not exist online in audio form yet, I pressed replay on that youtube video exactly 1.2 million times. Thank god for the interwebs, as I had the pleasure to meet up with Oreo and DMA in Austin and besides being a sick rapper/producer combo they’re also great people in real life :) Their perfection as humans especially rings true as Oreo teamed up with VH1 Behind the Music to do a mixtape to help raise funds  for local Indiana music programs. Lastly, Oreo also recently gave the world a new video for his project with Action Jackson titled “Black Fabio“, this video includes Oreo & Action in a blonde wigs + a 6 pack of Colt 45… need I say more. Happy Weekend Everybody!

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Oreo Jones on Facebook
DMA Tumblr

Oreo’s flagship single “Good Time”
– if it wasn’t dope, I wouldn’t tell you about it.
Rad Summer Records -
I dig their steez
Heavy Gun

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  1. Rad Summer

    March 31, 2012 at 4:50 pm

    Oreo’s Facebook link is actually http://facebook.com/yoOreo The link you posted was a prior page that was hacked.

    Thanks a mill on the post!

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