Act As If is an indie/rock band from Los Angeles led by singer/songwriter Peter Verdell, who I had the pleasure meeting early this month at the Silverlake Lounge. The band we were both their supporting? Baywood. The talented gentleman who made the introduction? None other than Denny White. When one talented man introduces you to another, surrounded by the incredible sounds of Baywood, good things are about to happen…and indeed they are. For I’m proud to announce Act As If’s new EP “The Iron Is Hot” is dropping February 21st.

A little history: The band released their first full-length album “There’s a Light” in May 2010. Now, it’s one thing to release a successful album; it’s entirely another for that album to be so catchy and infectious that its songs are placed across three television networks and five different shows. To say nothing that Apple–the style gods themselves–licensed a song to promote their heavily touted
OSX Lion.

The band’s new EP is as radio -and television- friendly as its predecessor, making for great soundtrack music. It’s telling that every song seems short…not because they are but because you get so into them that time seems to stand still. This music was made from emotions experienced by those who lent their own pens to paper: just the right amount of punch, with the subtlety of a friend who always seems to have the perfect advice and arm around your shoulder. Though the album doesn’t drop til 2/21, you should take a moment to pre-order it here and get a free, instant download of a song in the process. And if you head over to the band’s official website here, you can enter your email address to receive a copy Walk Out On Me, featured on the upcoming EP.

Walk Out On Me by Act As If

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