Plage: a bright region in the chromosphere of the Sun, typically found in regions of the chromosphere near sunspots. The term itself is poetically taken from the French word for “beach.”

What’s funny is that after about 10 listens, I finally asked myself, what is a plage?  I honestly was calling this track “plague” (I’m very attentive.)  Title aside, this track is a happy trade off from the low tempo folk and gangster rap I’ve been bumping this past week.  Hailing from Navarra, Spain, Crystal Fighters have a very dynamic sound/look.  Track to track, photo to photo seem to give you a different sense of who they are, the lives they lead and ideas they are trying to portray.  Finally, check out the video for “Home” because who doesn’t enjoy tearing through an abandoned houses, singing love lyrics, and looking depressed while doing it. 🙂

MP3:Plage by Crystal Fighters

[vimeo width=”640″ height=”360″][/vimeo]

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