Flaunt Magazine: The Nine Lives of La Roux

Mt friend Cameron sent me some incredible content from La Roux‘s spread featured in Flaunt Magazine. Both aesthetically and intellectually stimulating material that will surely excite you as it did us. Click here to view the cover featuring Twilight starlet and sometimes Joan Jett double, Kristen Stewart.

In the intimate and informative interview “The Nine Electric Lives of La Roux” Flaunt writer Heather Corcoran delves into overnight stardom of the electro-pop power-duo La Roux and the collaboration of the ever-styled frontwoman Elly Jackson and her collaborations with Ben Langmaid. From her musical inspirations to her home life, Elly gives candid and never before heard answers without the attitude one might expect from the one of the globes rising young stars.

Read the article and view the accompanying photoshoot here!

MP3: Bullet Proof (Love Action & Thunderlust remix) by La Roux

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