Penguin Prison: Something I'm Not

Keep in mind, I’m not entirely familiar with Penguin Prison. Trouble is, he’s so heavily remixed by others (badly) that I’ve been turned off; guilty for basing my opinion off what I’ve heard. Since the remix fuckery continues, I decided I should take the plunge and pull up one of his original and unrevised tracks, appropriately titled for this post, Something I’m Not. I can happily report, I get it now. His voice, comforting. His music, fully packaged pop with rich and detailed quality. Remixers, please pull it together. This guy deserves it.

MP3: Something I’m Not by Penguin Prison

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  1. James

    April 22, 2010 at 1:00 am

    I disagree with your thoughts on the remixes, not all are that bad. I will agree that some are certainly lacking oomph, but the RAC mix of “The Worse It Gets” nailed it, in my opinion. I presume you have heard it. I think the original track is superior to “Something I’m Not” too, but that is just my taste. He is definitely worth all the attention though.

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